How to Manage and Make Tour Money Last When You Travel

Make Money While Travelling

Vacations are rumored to be peaceful get away from daily lives where one can enjoy to the fullest without thinking about anything. But the reality is a bit cruel. It’s hard to relax and enjoy when you are persistently stressing about how you are going to afford it. With summers turned into autumn, and winters just around the corner, it is time to start saving and planning winter escape from work, to enjoy some time off with family and friends.

With a little skill and creativity, you can save a lot just in time for your much-deserved trip later in the year, or beginning of New Year. We are going to discuss different ways that can teach you how to manage your money, and make it last when you want to travel. We hope that these tips will really help you minimize your expenses and maximize your fun. So read on and make the most of everything.

Best way to manage and make tour money last when you travel

1. Opening a new bank account

The best way to start saving for your next travel trip is to open a new bank account. Transfer every little penny you save and try to save more. Reduce your dining and weekend plans and develop a saving culture in your whole circle. Forget about that money until its trip time. You can also get an interest bearing account which can add a little extra for your trip. It can also tell you how much you have spent on that vacation. You can also make transactions when booking a flight, or buy any item needed for the vacation.

2. Reduce dining out in hotels and restaurants

As discussed earlier in the article, you can reduce dining in expensive restaurants. Develop eating healthy and cheap. You can also avoid your drinking routine in order to save for your well-earned trip. Restaurants and hotels charge you a lot for their food items, and we highly recommend you to avoid dining at them. Trust us, it will help you a lot to enhance your savings.

3. Become a part-timer

It is important to become a part-timer, not only to earn extra for your travel, but also to earn more and increase your buying power. Part-time jobs should always be encouraged. You can always earn more, as well as become proactive and learn different skills. When you are unable to save much from your income, it is imperative to find other freelance or entrepreneurship options. In this way, you will also enhance your skills to do something better for yourself. If lucky, it will create a new possibility for you too. So the outcome is always going to be positive.

4. Find deals & coupons on the internet

The Internet is full of deals and coupons, the only thing you need is to search before you head to shopping. You can get amazing deals and discounts on your desirable items. Save a lot by using promo and coupon codes you find on the internet. You can also find great deals on hotels, as well as cheapest flights to your destination with the help of booking with a travel agency. They have different traveling packages and deals that you can avail.

5. Free workouts

Working out is good for health. With that said, you should never make it unhealthy for your wallet. Always try to eat healthily and exercise at free gyms in public parks or beaches rather than spending a hefty amount on gym fees or protein shakes. When you have maintained your health, you will also pay fewer visits to your doctor or physician. In this way, you will save more money with this approach, which you can later use in traveling.

6. Reduce the usage of electricity and other utilities

So far the most effective way to save for a trip is reducing the cost of electricity bills. Never leave any light or fan switched open. Try to save as much water as possible. You can cut cost on other home utility items such as any service you pay for but hardly use. Even switching off your mobile phone charger will save you a healthy amount of money. So save as much electricity as you can.

7. Reduce travel cost

Take a public bus to work rather than driving a few blocks. Also, encourage others to follow your example. Fuel adds up a lot in your expenses and it is one of the things that go unnoticed. If you try to walk instead of drive, you may lose a few kilos and save a lot of money.

8. Flight Comparison

This is by far the most important point of saving for a vacation. By drawing a flight comparison, you can not only widen your options to save, but you can also enjoy flexibility in flight timings. People usually don’t compare flight schedules, they directly pay for a specific flight. However, with some flexibility in your travel itinerary, it is easy to save a lot and maximize the fun. Many travel agencies and aggregators offer a flight comparison platform. Make sure you use them before booking your ticket.

9. Not buying unimportant grocery items

Eliminate all the unimportant grocery items from your shopping list. You must save your hard earned money so that you can spend it on yourself later when going on a travel trip.

10. Avoid giving tips

If your pocket doesn’t allow you, we don’t recommend you to play nice and give tips to everyone you meet on the way. Sometimes it should be understood that giving away tips will only get you low on your travel funds. And just in case you run out of money, it will get very hard for you to manage.

week itinerary for a Dubai trip

1 Week Itinerary for a Dubai Trip in December

The Middle East is the home of sand dunes, hot deserts, exquisite beaches, and oasis-like cities. But not every city or Middle Eastern country is known for its riches in tourism. Only Dubai has that honor to amaze its visitors beyond their imagination. A place where dreams become a reality, Dubai is the hub of all superlatives in the world. It is one of the most important cities in this region. This place is one of the busiest in the world and it is believed that this city never sleeps.

Spending 1 week in Dubai – What else can you ask for?

Trip to Dubai

It’s unbelievable to imagine if we look a little bit into Dubai’s history. It is a young city and the best example of growth and development. Just 30 years back, Dubai was nothing more than sand dunes with no gleam to it. Today, tall skyscrapers rise dominantly in the sky and reflect in the pearl blue Persian Gulf. A center of luxury, style, design, and architecture, the tourism is on the ever rise and the city is still in the early phases of its growth and development. Which is the reason people are still confused about what to see if they decide to take a vacation there?

Dubai is still considered a tourist hub with an infinite number of places and things to do. People have no idea what is the right itinerary to see what this city is not revealing. But if you read our suggested itinerary, you may not get lost in this wonderland. With the Dubai Shopping Festival fast approaching, we suggest you a stay of 6 or 7 days, as it will be ideal to make the most of this celebrated city along with all the shopping you can do.

Ultimate travel tip to Dubai

There are a lot of things to do from dining, nightlife, safari, sightseeing, shopping at DSF, and much more. But first, you need to book your travel plans that compliment your 1-week itinerary. Dubai is an expensive city, and you will need to pack a lot of funds so that you can enjoy a good time there. And since you are going to do some shopping at DSF, you need to save as much money as you can on your hotel accommodation and flights. By booking with a travel agency, you can avail air tickets to Dubai from London or any other city in Europe. You can also find cheap flight tickets from any other city in the world to Dubai. So enjoy your Dubai trip and buy as much as you can.

Day 1 – The Burj Khalifa:

You must try to reach Dubai in the morning. After checking in your hotel, which is obviously going to be a luxurious one, you can refresh yourself by taking a nice warm bath. Hotels are one of the best attraction in Dubai too. They are state of the art in luxury and comfort. Your hotel can be one of them, so enjoy all the luxury you can get there and make the most from your stay. After your breakfast, you can either ask for a cab from the hotel’s staff or get onto a city tour bus to head off to your Dubai’s first adventure.

You will need to keep some electrolytes to keep yourself hydrated as heat in Dubai can be unforgiving any given day. As you move forward, you will be able to see different buildings and sites. You need to head to the most striking and superficially ludicrous building on this planet, The Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is one of the first things a tourist would do as it impresses them beyond anyone’s imagination. After striking some pose and betting stunned by its striking power, you need to head to its observation deck. When you get there, you will get a jaw-dropping view which is not easy to absorb. Burj Khalifa is a hotel, a residence, a restaurant, a spa, a mall, and also a bar. In the evening, you can head out and watch the Fountain show near the tallest building on the planet.

Day 2: Dubai Mall & Aquarium

Your second day will start with a visit to the world’s biggest shopping mall. Yes, Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the world. It has around 1200 shops of different brands along with fine restaurants, where you can dine later, and a huge aquarium. It also includes an ice rink, a huge skiing resort (yes an actual indoor skiing resort, crazy right?). So the second day will be a great day to do crazy things. This experience is like no other. So spend some time in each place and make the most of everything this place offers. And again you can end this night on a higher note of Dubai nightlife, as vacations are all about partying. During your stay in Dubai, we encourage you to eat local cuisines and blend in with the locals.

Day 3 – Marina and Palm Island

If you are looking for some extreme, you are in the right place. Dubai offers an exquisite visit to its palm tree looking (from the air) islands called the Palm. It is a luxurious housing society and state of the art hotels. You can also visit the Atlantis Hotel, which is arguably one of the best hotels in the Middle East. Palm Island is just like another world. It is difficult to imagine how these islands were artificially created. It took years of hard work and fine engineering in the Gulf Sea to complete them.

Later in the day, you can do what we mentioned about earlier, yeah some extreme. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you must experience Skydive Dubai to get the best look at this marvelous city.

Day 4 – Desert Jeep Safari

If you come to Dubai and you have no idea about the Desert Safari? You really need to study your ideal vacations more. Desert Jeep Safari is one way of getting a thrilling jeep ride through high sand dunes of Dubai’s desert. This beautiful desert also offers an extremely peaceful environment where cool nights can offer a colorful and clear night sky. Away from all the hassle of the city, this is the perfect time to absorb what you have experienced so far on this trip. The sunset is one site worth not missing.

Day 5 – Beach

Dubai is a beach city and it offers open beaches to everyone. You can feel the perfect sunlight and salty breeze on Arabian Sea’s finest white sand beaches in Dubai. The quality of seawater is unquestionably primeval and tourists can freely roam the beaches in their swimsuits and enjoy privacy. One fine choice is Jumeirah Beach.

Before heading back, you can enjoy some final time in Dubai by visiting other malls and places that locals recommend you so that you don’t miss anything. We advise you to check out from the hotel on the fifth day and head to the airport. There can be plenty of duty-free shops at DXB for you to buy some gifts and souvenirs.

Day 6 – Dubai Shopping Festival

Your day 6 will take you to the Dubai Shopping Festival, where you are offered some of the biggest sales on clothing merchandise, electronic items, gadgets, laptops, and other amazing things. As Dubai is duty-free, you can enjoy buying anything from there and get it transported to your home. In this way, you can enjoy shopping at one of the biggest shopping hubs in the world, and that too very cheaply.

DSF also offers a chance to enjoy other events as well. You can not only find an amazing discount on almost everything, but also attend fashion shows, fireworks, concerts, light shows, and much more. Make sure you spend a whole day at this event, which we are sure is not going to be enough. So you can also spend your last day at this festival.

Day 7 – Continue shopping at DSF or take your time to relax

A holiday is not a holiday when you have actually taken out some time for relaxing in the pool of your hotel or spending some quality time with your family, friend, loved one or anyone whom you are traveling with. You also need to rest as you will be leaving for home the very next day, or later at night. But if you want to continue shopping at the Dubai Shopping Festival, you can return there and pick up from where you left a day before.

12 Best Places To Go In Europe

Planning a vacation in the beautiful continent of Europe is the perfect idea. This place is a fairy tale destination, and you can accomplish your all travel goals here. Whether you want to visit a culturally rich city, or seek a hiking or a camping vacation in forests, Europe will never disappoint you. This continent is full of cities, outdoors, beaches, mountains, rivers, and seaside that will amaze you beyond your imaginations. For this reason, we are going to discuss 12 best places to go in Europe. Never miss these destinations and enjoy an amazing trip.

Europe – an enchanted land

There are more destinations in this enchanted continent than you can ever count. You can visit them alone, with your friends, travelling colleagues, family members, or loved ones at any time of the year. But not all destinations can be visited as we all have our own priorities. However, these 12 places are the best in every aspect of building your itinerary. So going there is a must. These places are rich in historical and cultural association, along with providing a picture perfect scenery to boast on your social media later. You can also read about this beautiful continent on to enhance your knowledge and learn about different destinations, European fashion, resorts, beaches, nightlife and other amazing activities to do when travelling these places in Europe. So checkout all these destinations, and plan a Euro trip.

12 Best places to go in Europe


Places to visit in Europe Paris

The capital of France has almost everything a person wants to explore in a European Trip. There is history, fashion, significant places, food, art, culture, nightlife, and beauty everywhere. You can enjoy a biker trip around this city, as well as visit The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, or any other amazing structure in one of the most important cities of Europe.


Places to visit in Europe Florence

There are many cities to wander in Italy, but you should never miss visiting the city of Florence. The art and architecture of this beautiful city has no match elsewhere, but you can also embark on a food tour to enlighten your taste buds. Visit this city and have the best time there with your loved ones.


Places to visit in Santorini

The Greek city of Santorini is a perfect holiday escape for anyone. It is considered as one of the best vacation destination in Europe and rightly so. The views from Caldera are totally magnificent and they have no parallel anywhere in the world. Apart from the views, you can enjoy sunsets, sunrises, hikes, local wines, black volcanic beaches, boat tours, jet skis, and luxurious hotels on the Mediterranean Sea. Never miss Santorini when you are visiting Europe.


Places to visit in London

London is the capital of the United Kingdom. It was once the capital of British Empire, who ruled almost every part of the world. Today, it is the epicentre of business, art, literature, architecture, education, tourism, food, history, and culture. It is also one of the most important cities in the world. So visiting it is a dream of every traveller.


Places to visit in Amsterdam

One of the best cities in the world and a great place to plan your vacations. Amsterdam is a pedestrian’s or a bike friendly city. Loaded with amazing cafés and road side restaurants, you can find plenty of things to do and see here. You can also discover the art, culture and history of this place by visiting its museums. Visit Amsterdam and find more about it.


Places to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city in Spain. Known for its great food and never ending nightlife, it is a perfect destination for anyone. The architect of this city is beyond the description of words, and there are more sightseeing destinations than you can ever count. Visit this city with your friends or family, and have the best time away from home.


Places to visit in Rome

There are many historical and cultural things to do in Rome. You can visit The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, Vatican City, and Sistine Chapel. This city has European top tourist attractions along with amazing restaurants, neighbourhoods, cafés, shops, and shopping malls.


Places to visit to Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is home to the happiest people on the planet. There are many significant sights to visit in the city of Spires. You can visit Tivoli Gardens, Botanical Gardens, Nyhavn, and the statue of Little Mermaid, Zoological Garden, and other amazing places.


Places to visit in Reykjavik

The capital of Iceland is considered as the coolest European capital city. There are many things to do and see in this beautiful destination. You can enjoy a great nightlife, the Blue Lagoon, whale tours, see northern lights, and other cool stuff.


Places to visit in Nice

Nice is a mid-sized town known for some amazing beaches along the Mediterranean Coast. It is also a perfect base to explore Southern France. The nightlife of this place is epic, and it should be on the very top of your bucket list.


Places to visit in Istanbul

Istanbul is an amazing transcontinental city. It has some amazing historical monuments from Byzantine and Ottoman Empire times along with some amazing markets, streets, culture, neighborhood, and some amazing cuisines. You can also enjoy a cruise ride in the Bosphorus Strait.


Places to visit in Transylvania

Transylvania is a historical region in the country of Romania. There are amazing forests to hike and explore, wildlife to see, and beautiful towns to visit. There are also some amazing castles in this beautiful region.

Best places to visit in 2019

The Best Affordable Places to Visit In 2019

It was just yesterday that we were talking about traveling in 2018, and all the places that were best to visit. But it was not yesterday, and time has not waited for anyone again. It is almost the eve of 2019, and now we are having this discussion again about the best places to visit in 2019. We all had a lot of destinations in our bucket list that we wanted to visit in 2019 but were unable to. However, 2019 is a year of new possibilities, and this time around we all will be able to visit our favorite places as this article is going to present a solution to all the readers.

We are unable to carry out our traveling plans due to many reasons. One thing that tops this list is everybody’s financial problems. It is a sad reality that traveling does require a handsome amount of money. In order to evade this question, we are going to present a list of places and travel destinations that are quite affordable to visit in 2019. So this question of money needed to travel is answered for everyone. But these places are no ordinary places. They are going to be on this list not only because they are easy to visit, or cheap to get to, but they also have a great traveling potential, which we are going to expose in this article. So read on, know more about these places, and start planning for your 2019 trip.

Our ultimate traveling tip for everyone

We are going to share another great traveling tip with our readers that will further help them to be able to afford their trips. There are a lot of ways to acquire suitable flight tickets. One such way is to browse a travel agency\s website. This platform offers cheap airline tickets, hotel accommodation, car rentals, travel transfers, and etc. Visit air tickets booking site and find ease and convenient in your journey.

A travel agency or aggregator site will also help you find some discounts. You will also know about other flights departing to the same destination, and find a much more suitable airline. You can also find last-minute flights to your destination if your plan is a random one. They tend to be extra cheaper than the regular flights, but they are also risky and we highly recommend against them if your plans are confirmed.

The best affordable places to visit in 2019

We are now going to present our research which includes all the potential destinations spread over different continents. They have a lot of potentials as they are blessed with cultural cities, amazingly diverse landscape, geography, weather, and the local people. So read it and decide where you are heading with your family, friends, or loved one.

North America


The Taco land is one of the most inexpensive countries in the world to visit. Everybody knows its potential in tourism, but 2019 will be a special year for Mexico for tourism. People have grown likelihood of traveling to cultural cities and attending festivals. For this reason, Mexican cities such as Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Monterrey, and other are going to be the hotspots for tourism. Mexico offers beaches on Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, along with some amazing hills and mountains to trek and climb. It is indeed a place with everything, which is why it is going to be best for an affordable holiday in 2019.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an incorporated territory of the United States of America. This island country is a perfect getaway for you if you love some jungle adventure, as well as turquoise water beaches. With a struggling economy, this place is ideal for you to visit. The cities and towns have a rich cultural heritage, so you will definitely get more than you are asking for in Puerto Rico.

South America


Situated on the edge of the world just above the icy continent of Antarctica, Chile is a great place to visit. This narrow strip country has a lot of potential in the tourism industry as there are countless mountains, valleys, beaches, cultural cities, wildlife, and forests for everyone to visit and explore. This place has everything to become your next traveling destination. Which is why we have included it on this list. The best part is that Chile is inexpensive, so pack your bags for this beautiful destination.


Peru is a great escape for people who love to stay in cities that are cultural, but they also prefer hilly and mountainous surroundings. This place is historically significant, and it is also the home of Machu Picchu, the Inca Citadel with Temple of Sun. The struggling economy keeps this country affordable of us to visit. So keep it on your 2019 bucket-list.



Austria receives tourists from all over the world, but their number is always fewer than Germany, UK, France, or any other Southern Europe country. However, 2019 is going to be a different year for the tourism of this country, as more people will visit it. Due to the increase in almost everything in other European countries, Austria will be a bit cheaper destination for people to visit. This place has a lot of unique cities, mountains, hills, forests, lakes, and a lot of things to do.


Portugal is another country on the western coast of Europe that will see a boast of tourism in 2019. Although tourism is thriving there, it will increase in 2019 due to its comparatively inexpensive cities and towns. This place is full of cultural and heritage sites such as museums, beaches, moors, castles, ancient ruins, and much more.


Malta has a lot of potential in tourism which the world is yet to realize. This heavenly country in located on an island between Africa and Europe in the Mediterranean Sea. It has beautiful cities, amazing beaches, and an exceptional landscape. The best thing is that this country is quite inexpensive as compared to other European destinations.



Turkey needs no introduction when we promote this country’s tourism. But the question is how a vacation in Turkey is going to be affordable in 2019? Well, the answer is Turkey’s struggling economy. That is right, Turkey is indeed in economic crisis, and this is the perfect opportunity to visit this beautiful country in 2019.


Media depicts Iran as the most backward, and dangerous country, but the reality on the ground is completely different. Iran is a very beautiful country, and there is a lot of destination there. It is loaded with cultural cities, untouched wilderness, mountains, high altitude passes, deserts, and the Caspian Sea. This country is one of the cheapest as its currency is always struggling. So plan a trip to Iran in 2019, and we guarantee you will not regret it.


Pakistan has a diverse culture and landscape. From the tallest mountains in the world to the serene beaches, this place is filled with everything a tourist looks for. The best part about this place is that it is absolutely affordable for anyone. People are friendliest, and the sceneries are beyond anyone’s imaginations. Pakistan was ranked the best country to visit in 2017 by British Backpacker’s Society, which made people from all over the world come here. For the very same reason, it is also going to be one of the best in 2019.



The land of the Pharaohs is another place on this list that is quite affordable to visit. For this reason, it is going to be an amazing destination to visit in 2019. The cities are full of culture, and the land is filled with ancient ruins of civilizations that flourished in the River Nile Valley.


Filled with amazing wildlife living in the never-ending savannas, Tanzania is a unique destination in Africa. There are mountains, as well as plains where African wildlife roam freely. This place is not only amazingly beautiful but also it is quite inexpensive. So keep it in your to-do list for 2019.

How to spend a weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark

On the edge of the Baltic Sea lies the fascinating capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Rich with ancient and historical sites, a home of places that will trace your soul and linger long in your memories, Copenhagen is the perfect family getaway from the glitches of everyday mundane routine.

Copenhagen has recently become one of the best places for tourists from the United Kingdom to visit with family and friends and a large number of Londoners are seen in the mesmerizing City of Spires.

The city is a mix and match of both classic and modern day attractions. The 19th-century architecture, gothic castles and amusement parks some of the best places for tourists to visit during your trip to Copenhagen.

A trip to The City of Spires

Traveling to Copenhagen is perfect over the weekend as the trip can be low-priced. However, necessary planning is essential for an economical and time-saving journey. Hiring a travel agency professional will help you with both saving your money as well as energy. I happened to have found a really good Travel agency in London that helped me book my accommodation as well as on-line air tickets for my trip over the weekend and was lucky enough to save some money which I later spent on shopping trendy outfits from hip boutiques. I have prepared a list of things you can do and places you can visit over your weekend trip and make the most of your time in the captivating Nordic city.


You will always find a flight that will be leaving for Copenhagen as there is no shortage of flight to Denmark. However, you must not be worried about that because your traveling agency has already taken care of your flight and accommodation when you get to your destination. You can, moreover, ask your travel agency employee to try to get you a night flight as they are briefer and will tire you less. Jetlag has a way of keeping you in bed and stopping you from taking the tour of the city and since you are only here for the weekend, you want to see as many things as possible.

Your first day in Copenhagen should be all about exploring the city. Start with heading out to the Copenhagen Round Tower called Rundetaarn, a 17th-century tower set in central Copenhagen. The purpose of the tower was to view the entire city and it is the oldest functioning observatory in all of Europe. There is a telescope placed on top of the tower for a better view. Thousands of tourists visit Rundetaarn every year to take a peek at the magnificent city.

Another classic home in Copenhagen is a neighborhood called Freetown Christiana. If you’re into small stone houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues, breathtakingly beautiful nature and small but best places for tourists to eat, you’re in for a treat. The society is open for public, however, taking pictures is not allowed.

Your next stop is the 1913 Little Mermaid Statue, which was fashioned by Edvard Eriksen. The fairytale’s statue is one of the biggest tourist attraction of Copenhagen.

The city is also home to beautiful Botanical Gardens that you can take a walk out and zone out from the boring daily routine of your life. From the Botanical Gardens, you will visit the Geological Museum which is basically a part of the Gardens. Next to the Gardens is a Zoological museum.

The Rosenborg castle was built in the early 17th by one of the most important Scandinavian King, Christian IV. To put you in a Victorian mood, there are heavy furniture, wooden paneling, crown jewels, delicate art piece, and life-size silver lions.

Another great castle is Kronborg Castle which is the epitome of Danish heritage.

To end your day, Copenhagen has of café and restaurants in Tivoli gardens that offers some of the most delicious and pocket-friendly meals.


Your second day is all about ticking off as many places on your bucket list as possible. Take a trip to the Christiansborg Palace and while you’re at it, visit the Royal Theatre where Hans Christian Andersen’s plays were performed.

From there, you can visit Experimentarium which is a science and technology museum that displays incredible technology gadgets.

By now you must have realized that Copenhagen is a city full of palaces and Victorian style buildings. But wait, you’re not done yet! Your visit to the city will be incomplete without a trip to the Frederiksborg Palace, which was built for the King and the royal family of the Kingdom.

After that, you can head to the Royal Smushi Café and enjoy its creative and delicate interior while taking in a bite of their famous sandwiches or sipping a cup of tea which is a hug from the inside.

The growl in your stomach is taken care of and now you can continue your tour. Your next destination will be the biggest aquarium in the world, the National Aquarium of Copenhagen where you will be astonished by the intimacy of marine life. From there, you can go to the Oresund Bridge to enjoy a beautiful sunset. The exceptional thing about Oresund Bridge is that it connects Denmark to Sweden over the Oresund Strait.

Maritime Museum, Malmo City Hall, Lilla Torg, and Stroget Street are some of the places that you should try to visit before your flight back to your hometown. While you are in Stroget Street, you can get some souvenirs or gifts for your friends back home. Stroget Street is famous for shopping.

The end of day two of the amazing trip to Copenhagen has finally come and you are filled with stories and pictures to tell and show to your friends back home. Wrap up your tour by having the best steak in town at MASH or Modern American Steak House. Mash offers Japanese, American, Uruguayan, and Australian beef with a touch of Danish taste. The place is known for its amazing cocktails and will feed not only your stomach but your senses.

Author Bio: 
Hassan Johar is a blogger by passion and working as a search analyst in one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency.  He helps his clients to get better visibility online through digital marketing tactics.