How to spend a weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark

On the edge of the Baltic Sea lies the fascinating capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Rich with ancient and historical sites, a home of places that will trace your soul and linger long in your memories, Copenhagen is the perfect family getaway from the glitches of everyday mundane routine.

Copenhagen has recently become one of the best places for tourists from the United Kingdom to visit with family and friends and a large number of Londoners are seen in the mesmerizing City of Spires.

The city is a mix and match of both classic and modern day attractions. The 19th-century architecture, gothic castles and amusement parks some of the best places for tourists to visit during your trip to Copenhagen.

A trip to The City of Spires

Traveling to Copenhagen is perfect over the weekend as the trip can be low-priced. However, necessary planning is essential for an economical and time-saving journey. Hiring a travel agency professional will help you with both saving your money as well as energy. I happened to have found a really good Travel agency in London that helped me book my accommodation as well as on-line air tickets for my trip over the weekend and was lucky enough to save some money which I later spent on shopping trendy outfits from hip boutiques. I have prepared a list of things you can do and places you can visit over your weekend trip and make the most of your time in the captivating Nordic city.


You will always find a flight that will be leaving for Copenhagen as there is no shortage of flight to Denmark. However, you must not be worried about that because your traveling agency has already taken care of your flight and accommodation when you get to your destination. You can, moreover, ask your travel agency employee to try to get you a night flight as they are briefer and will tire you less. Jetlag has a way of keeping you in bed and stopping you from taking the tour of the city and since you are only here for the weekend, you want to see as many things as possible.

Your first day in Copenhagen should be all about exploring the city. Start with heading out to the Copenhagen Round Tower called Rundetaarn, a 17th-century tower set in central Copenhagen. The purpose of the tower was to view the entire city and it is the oldest functioning observatory in all of Europe. There is a telescope placed on top of the tower for a better view. Thousands of tourists visit Rundetaarn every year to take a peek at the magnificent city.

Another classic home in Copenhagen is a neighborhood called Freetown Christiana. If you’re into small stone houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues, breathtakingly beautiful nature and small but best places for tourists to eat, you’re in for a treat. The society is open for public, however, taking pictures is not allowed.

Your next stop is the 1913 Little Mermaid Statue, which was fashioned by Edvard Eriksen. The fairytale’s statue is one of the biggest tourist attraction of Copenhagen.

The city is also home to beautiful Botanical Gardens that you can take a walk out and zone out from the boring daily routine of your life. From the Botanical Gardens, you will visit the Geological Museum which is basically a part of the Gardens. Next to the Gardens is a Zoological museum.

The Rosenborg castle was built in the early 17th by one of the most important Scandinavian King, Christian IV. To put you in a Victorian mood, there are heavy furniture, wooden paneling, crown jewels, delicate art piece, and life-size silver lions.

Another great castle is Kronborg Castle which is the epitome of Danish heritage.

To end your day, Copenhagen has of café and restaurants in Tivoli gardens that offers some of the most delicious and pocket-friendly meals.


Your second day is all about ticking off as many places on your bucket list as possible. Take a trip to the Christiansborg Palace and while you’re at it, visit the Royal Theatre where Hans Christian Andersen’s plays were performed.

From there, you can visit Experimentarium which is a science and technology museum that displays incredible technology gadgets.

By now you must have realized that Copenhagen is a city full of palaces and Victorian style buildings. But wait, you’re not done yet! Your visit to the city will be incomplete without a trip to the Frederiksborg Palace, which was built for the King and the royal family of the Kingdom.

After that, you can head to the Royal Smushi Café and enjoy its creative and delicate interior while taking in a bite of their famous sandwiches or sipping a cup of tea which is a hug from the inside.

The growl in your stomach is taken care of and now you can continue your tour. Your next destination will be the biggest aquarium in the world, the National Aquarium of Copenhagen where you will be astonished by the intimacy of marine life. From there, you can go to the Oresund Bridge to enjoy a beautiful sunset. The exceptional thing about Oresund Bridge is that it connects Denmark to Sweden over the Oresund Strait.

Maritime Museum, Malmo City Hall, Lilla Torg, and Stroget Street are some of the places that you should try to visit before your flight back to your hometown. While you are in Stroget Street, you can get some souvenirs or gifts for your friends back home. Stroget Street is famous for shopping.

The end of day two of the amazing trip to Copenhagen has finally come and you are filled with stories and pictures to tell and show to your friends back home. Wrap up your tour by having the best steak in town at MASH or Modern American Steak House. Mash offers Japanese, American, Uruguayan, and Australian beef with a touch of Danish taste. The place is known for its amazing cocktails and will feed not only your stomach but your senses.

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